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    About Us (The Owners)

    Hey ya’ll! We’re Brandon and Christina. We’re a married couple with 2 kids (Madison - 9 months old & Landon – 3 years old) just trying to make moves. We entered the world of entrepreneurship in 2017, shortly after the birth of our son Landon. We launched our brand to inspire others to pursue a healthy lifestyle and to also leave a legacy for our kids. We didn’t know what type of ride we’d be in for, but we think we are some of the best “figure-outters” that there are! Truth be told, we are STILL figuring things out! Lol. One of those things we figured out is that Brandon can actually screen print. That has become a big asset for us in building our brand, which you’ll learn more about below. 


    Our Brand

    We love fitness and the pursuit of becoming a healthier you. So, we created a brand around that. Growing up, I (Brandon) always liked to wear Nike apparel because it was fitness related and they had fresh looks. The hustle in me (even at a young age) motivated me to wash cars, cut grass, or do any other odd job a family member might have had so that I could save up money and go buy the latest to wear to school. So, when the idea came up to create a brand, we thought, why not try to build our own clothing line. 3.5 years later, here we are designing and screen printing our own gear.

    We are weaving the threads of fitness, streetwear, and forward fashion to create clothing that makes you walk a little bit taller and flex a little bit harder.

    Also, know that it’s ok if you’re not “ripped yet” when you wear our apparel. As a friend so eloquently put it, “being ripped is the end goal, not the starting point.” So let our brand inspire you and give you an added boost of confidence whether you’re looking for something new for the gym or you need some casual fashion wear.  

    Now that you know our story, we do have one small request. Let us know what you like to wear and what your favorites are! We’re always interested in customer feedback as it helps us improve our business and product selections. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email, Instagram or Facebook.


    Christina & Brandon


    FB: @berippedfits

    IG: @berippedfits